Pôle Mag January 2017
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Roundtables - Education 2030 Framework for Action
Rethink support to African education systems
Vocational Training in Senegal
Identifying the Obstacles to Implementing Reforms
Invitation to Apply - PSGSE - Class 11
Training in the Management of Education Systems

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The Pôle de Dakar of the International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP - UNESCO) is a center of expertise in education and training.


February 2017
Technical handbook on data processing. An approach to national education accounts.
February 2017
Elements of analysis for refounding school
February 2017
Report on the analysis of public expenditure on education in Zimbabwe. Focus on equity and efficiency.
December 2016
Education Country Status Report, For an Education Policy More Inclusive and Efficient, UNICEF, IIEP Pôle de Dakar – UNESCO, 2016.


Lome (Togo) – A regional information sharing workshop took place from 16 to 18...
03 Mar 2017
- Assistant Administratif à la Coordination (G-5) - Analyse et planification...
27 Feb 2017
Editorial  A practical approach to capacities  Expert Voice  Analysis for the...
27 Jan 2017


PoleMag 25 - January 2017
Capacity development strategies, building upon a country’s own resource base and emerging from multi-stakeholder dialogue, are the key to modernizing the way in which international development assistance is planned.


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